Pros Fore Clothes Foundation is the idea of Lauren and Charlie Schuyler. Lauren and Charlie met while attending Penn State University.  Through their journey in golf, Lauren and Charlie accumulated excess and gently-worn golf wear, outing giveaways, and staff uniforms. Lauren and Charlie realized all of this clothing was not being worn and could greatly benefit those in need. 

That led to the question “how many fellow PGA Golf Professionals are in a similar situation?” Then they wondered “what if we collect as much excess clothing as we can and deliver it to people in need?”  Hence, the idea was born for “Pros Fore Clothes.”  

Impressed by the idea, Charles (Sandy) Wilkes offered to meet with Lauren and Charlie to discuss their idea. Sandy discussed the idea with Michael Ryan and Chris Ryan who immediately agreed to lend their support.  Lauren and Charlie are deeply moved and most appreciative for all that Sandy, Michael and Chris have contributed to The Foundation. The following is a special thank you from Lauren and Charlie: 

“Sandy, Michael, and Chris are three people who are completely dedicated to bettering the lives of others. They have displayed an uncanny ability to facilitate the creation of our Foundation and have done so purely out of the greatness of their hearts. Each has donated their time and expertise to form The Pros Fore Clothes Foundation. The Foundation has already made a significant impact on the lives of those in need because of Sandy, Michael, and Chris. We are forever honored to know and join them in their lifelong commitment to helping others.” 

Close friend and fellow PGA Professional Jason Ballard joined the leadership team soon after PFCF was incorporated and federally approved as an official non-profit. This six-person team has since worked diligently to establish Pros Fore Clothes Foundation as a registered and well established non-profit organization. 

Pros Fore Clothes Foundation's goal is to deliver over one million pounds of clothing to those in need. Please visit the “How to Help” page.