Troy Flateau, PGA Director of Golf (formerly) and Assistant Professionals Michael Neider (Current Head Golf Professional) and Phil Ortiz organized a clothing drive during Peninsula’s member appreciation week.  This clothing drive generated 130 pounds of clothing.  Thanks to Troy's efforts, this clothing drive is the first PFCF Clothing Drive in the state of Delaware.  
In March 2010, Pros Fore Clothes Foundation donated almost 400 pounds of clothing to the Gospel Rescue Ministries in Washington, D.C. Gospel Rescue Ministries focuses its efforts on the rehabilitation of drug and alcohol abusers. In addition, Gospel Rescue Ministries provides education and assists in the post-rehabilitation employment process. The Pros Fore Clothes Foundation looks forward to a continued relationship with Gospel Rescue Ministries.​
In May 2010, PFCF returned to Gospel Rescue Ministries donating over 500 pounds of clothing.   
In December 2009, Pros Fore Clothes made a donation of 100 pounds of clothing to Nyumbani Children's Home in Nairobi, Kenya. Nyumbani, which means "Home" in Swahili, was founded in 1992 and provides a home for HIV-positive infants and children who have been orphaned or abandoned.  
Meet Birgen (above), a high school student from Nyumbani Children's Home. He has no living relatives. Upon first receiving his shirt from PFCF, Birgen wore it for two straight days.
Meet Paul (above), another student from Nyumbani Children's Home. In November 2009, he was hospitalized for three weeks and almost died. At first, the doctors could not diagnose his illness but, later, he received effective treatment and is now on the road to recovery. Though his is HIV+, Paul is doing better and was happy to receive a donation from PFCF.
Many of the children at Nyumbani have never had clothes in such good condition.

For more information about Nyumbani Children's Home, please click on its logo below.
PFCF Donation: Mulumba House, September 2011
PFCF Collection: Peninsula Golf & Country Club, September 2012
PFCF Donation: Nyumbani Children's Village, Nairobi, Kenya
PFCF greatly values and appreciates our relationship with PGA Professional Bob Wampler. In 2010, Bob coordinated PFCF's first ever golf facility based clothing drive. Bob's most recent efforts with Cattail Creek Country Club resulted in the second largest golf facility based clothing drive collection totaling just over 300 pounds. PFCF recognizes Bob Wampler as one of our ambassadors and most recently requested that he joins the PFCF Advisory Board. Thank you Bob and Cattail Creek Country Country Club staff and membership for your continued support!   Also picture with Bob Wampler is PGA Assistant Golf Professional, Nic Flickinger.
PFCF Donation: Project H.O.M.E. Philadelphia, PA, March 2013
PFCF delivered over 200 pounds of clothing to Project H.O.M.E. of Philadelphia, PA.  This particular delivery was made possible by a donation from the United States Golf Association (USGA).  Following the 2011 US Open held at Congressional Country Club, the USGA generously donated 600 pounds of excess merchandise.  This donation was particularly helpful as it includes new jackets, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. This was PFCF's second donation to Project H.O.M.E of Philadelphia, PA.  According to the Project H.O.M.E. website, "Project H.O.M.E. empowers people to break the cycle of homelessness, address the structural causes of poverty, and attain their fullest potential as members of society."  PFCF looks forward to the opportunity to provide Project H.O.M.E. residents with clothing thanks to generous donations like that of the USGA.
PFCF Donation: Nyumbani Village, June 2013 
Thanks to the continued support of Peter Millar, LLC and Stephanie Wilkes, daughter of Charles "Sandy" Wilkes, PFCF Board Member, PFCF was able to make a second clothing delivery to Nyumbani Village in Nairobi, Kenya in June of 2013. Peter Millar, LLC (www.petermillar.com) contributes to PFCF through their generous donation of excess clothing including logo defects and samples.  This clothing donation is particularly meaningful as Nyumbani is home to children who are HIV+ and orphaned.  All donated items consist of Peter Millar apparel and were hand delivered by Stephanie Wilkes.   

PFCF Donation: Miriam's Kitchen, December 2013
Thanks to the continued support of the Manor Country Club Membership PFCF donated over 100 pounds of clothing to Good Samaritan Ministries (GSM) located in Richmond, VA. 

PFCF Collection: Manor Country Club Collection, August 2013 
The Manor Country Club Membership has conducted two PFCF clothing drives through a charitable based golf group named, "Manor Fridays."   Through such efforts, participating Manor Country Club members collected and donated over 150 pounds of clothing.   PFCF is grateful for the continued support of the Manor Country Club membership.

PFCF Donation: Sunday Breakfast Mission, January 2013
PFCF Collection: Cattail Creek Country Club, March 2013
Rehoboth Beach Country Club PGA Assistant Golf Professionals Kyle Deas (currently Head Golf Professional with The Rookery North) and Pat Mastrian delivered 125 pounds of clothing to Sunday Breakfast Mission (SBM) in Wilmington, DE.   This was PFCF's second donation to SBM.  

PFCF Donation: Helping Up Mission, November 2010
PFCF Donation: Gospel Rescue Ministries, March 2010
PFCF Donation: Gospel Rescue Ministries, May 2010
Thanks to the continued support of Peter Millar, LLC, PFCF Board Members, Sandy Wilkes and Michael Ryan were able to personally deliver high quality gently worn and in some cases, new clothing to Miriam's Kitchen.  According to the Miriam's Kitchen website, "Miriam’s Kitchen is committed to ending chronic homelessness in [Washington] DC by creating meaningful connections with chronically homeless individuals, placing them in permanent supportive housing, and ensuring they have the necessary support to remain in housing." Continuing, "We advocate for permanent supportive housing as a long-term solution, while meeting short-term needs by providing healthy meals and high-quality social services to more than 3,500 chronically homeless individuals each year."  PFCF is honored to aid in their efforts through providing residents with clothing.  Tom Murphy, Miriam's Kitchen Director of Communication shared, “Thanks so much for your generous gift! Miriam’s Kitchen’s guests are in constant need of warm weather clothes at this time of year, and your donation could not have come at a more important time of year. Thank you for your great work!”

Pros Fore Clothes Foundation is proud to announce a new relationship with TaylorMade-adidas Golf.  Most recently, TaylorMade-adidas Golf become the first vendor to join the Double Eagle Club (see Wall of Honor) in addition to donating two pallets of excess clothing in the amount of 1,200 pounds. This donation represents the single largest donation to PFCF and will lead to many PFCF donations to those in need. Thank you TaylorMade-adidas Golf Company for your support!

TaylorMade-adidas Golf Donation to PFCF, April 2014
PFCF Donation: Sunday Breakfast Mission, April 2014
Thanks to the continued support of Luke Arentz, PGA Senior Assistant Golf Professional with Wilmington Country Club, Wilmington, DE, PFCF completed a third donation to Sunday Breakfast Mission in Wilmington, DE.   Luke and fellow PGA Member, Justin Riegel organized a PFCF Clothing Drive during the Philadelphia Section PGA Assistants' Organization during the Annual Spring Meeting.  Their efforts resulted in the opportunity to continue to assist those in need within their local community.  PFCF sincerely appreciates the efforts and support of all Philadelphia Section PGA Members.

PFCF Donation: Summer Road Trip, August 2014
Thanks to the continued support of Peter Millar, LLC, and TaylorMade-Adidas Golf, Pros Fore Clothes Foundation scheduled their first "Summer Road Trip" to Washington, D.C.  The road trip included visits to Martha's Table, Bread for the City, and Central Union Mission.   The clothing donated totaled over 1,500 pounds!  Keeping in theme with "Summer Road Trips," the Foundation is planning their next summer road trip to Atlanta, GA. Stay tuned!

PFCF Donation: The Wellhouse, February 2015
The Pros Fore Clothes Foundation completed its first delivery in the state of Alabama.   Along with Co-Founder, Charlie Schuyler, PGA Golf Professionals Tyler Franks and Sean Golden completed the delivery with The Wellhouse of Birmingham, AL.  The Wellhouse is a refuge location for individuals who have been trafficked.   The donation had particular meaning as all items were Peter Millar women's apparel.   This represented some of the highest quality clothing many of the recipients have owned.   

PFCF Collection and Donation: Philadelphia Section PGA Assistants' Organization, May 2015
Thanks to the support of the         
​Whitemarsh Valley Country Club
Golf Professionals, Eric Burnley
Matt Hillier, Dave Pagett, and Ron
Pine (left: pictured left to right) 
the Philadelphia PGA Section Assis-
tants' Organization (PAO) organized a clothing drive among the entire organization's Assistant Golf Professionals.   The collective effort of these golf professionals was particularly successful.   Thanks to their effort, the PAO was able to deliver over 400 pounds of clothing to the Sunday Breakfast Mission (SBM) in Wilmington, DE.   SBM provides homeless individuals with shelter, food, and additional human resources.  Additionally, due to security and safety needs, SBM represents one of the few facilities that accepts women and children.

PFCF Collection and Donation: Oak Hill Country Club, December 2015

Thanks to the support of the Oak Hill Country Club membership and staff, led by Head Golf Professional and PFCF Board Member, Jason Ballard, the team effort produced 500 pounds of clothing.  In addition, Peter Millar, one of the Foundation's excess clothing partners contributed 200 pounds of clothing for a total of 700 pounds all of which was delivered to the Open Door Mission.  Upon receiving this donation, Michael Belmont of the Open Door Mission stated, "The people we are working with aren't going to be used to be's anymore. They are going to go to these interviews; they're gonna feel good about themselves; they're gonna look good and be able to present themselves well, and in part it's how you are dressed."  This donation event marks the first of many in the state of New York.

Please join the Foundation in congratulating the Golf Professionals and membership of The Club at Creighton Farms (Aldie, VA) for most recently completing the single largest PFCF Clothing Drive associated with a golf property.  This effort was led by Head Golf Professional, Matt Hess. Pictured (right) is the "Holiday Clothing Drive Leaderboard."   In total, the staff and membership collected and donated 2,316 pounds of clothing to the "Women Giving Back" organization; a women's shelter who specializes in providing clothing to women in need. Congratulations to the entire staff and membership of The Club at Creighton Farms! 

PFCF Collection and Donation: The Club 
at Creighton Farms, January 2016
PFCF Donation: Family Promise of Augusta, February 2016
Thanks to the continued support of Jones Global Sports, The Cub Scouts of Augusta, GA completed a community service project in conjunction with PFCF.   The Boy Scouts sorted over 150 items of Bobby Jones Women's apparel and personally delivered all articles of clothing to the residents of The Family Promise of Augusta.   In addition, each Boy Scout's family brought children's clothing to support each family's needs. Way to go Cub Scouts of Augusta, GA!

PFCF Donation: Augusta Rescue Mission, February 2016
Thanks to the continued support of Peter Millar, PFCF was able to support the Augusta Rescue Mission's Valentine's Day Lunch providing over 1,000 articles of clothing.   This donation represents the Foundation's single largest clothing donation to a single event.   The Augusta Rescue Mission exists to support the homeless through providing food, shelter, and other humanitarian services.   Thanks to the overwhelming success of this event, the Augusta Rescue Mission will call on PFCF to support the 2016 Christmas Lunch in which nearly 700 homeless will be in attendance.   Such donations would not be possible without the continued support of Peter Millar, one of the Foundation's principal excess clothing partners.   

PFCF Donation: Gateway Center, January 2016
PFCF is proud to announce a new excess clothing partner in Jones Global Sports, parent company of Bobby Jones Apparel.  
Thanks to the support of Bobby Jones Apparel, PFCF was able to make a donation to the Gateway Center of Atlanta, GA.  The Gateway Center of Atlanta, GA was formerly a correctional facility that has been transformed into a homeless shelter.   In addition to providing a temporary home, the Gateway Center provides other humanitarian services.  Within the shelter, the Gateway Center offer "clothing closest" for all residents.  
Thanks to the support of Bobby Jones Apparel, PFCF was able to supply over 500 articles of clothing to replenish the entire 4th floor clothing closet which is reserved for individuals who are preparing to live on their own.   Given the high quality and professional look of the Bobby Jones apparel, this donation was particularly helpful and meaningful to its recipients.   Thank you Bobby Jones Apparel, the Foundation looks forward to many more meaningful donation events!

PFCF Collection and Donation: Father English Community Center, May 2016  
Thanks to the continued support of Sean Golden, PGA Assistant Professional with Plainfield Country Club, he and his fellow PGA Professionals organized a clothing drive in conjunction with The New Jersey Section PGA Assistant Professional Spring Meeting and Golf Tournament.  Thanks their collective efforts, over 300 pounds of gently worn high end clothing was donated to the Father English Community Center.   Thank you as well to Chris Bauer and the New Jersey Section PGA for their support of this event.  The Father English Community Center will distribute the clothing to those in need as part of their civil services.   
PFCF Collection and Donation: Oak Hill Country Club, November 2016
Pros Fore Clothes Foundation Board Member and Golf Professional with Oak Hill Country Club, Jason Ballard, and fellow Oak Hill Country Club employee, Joe MacDonough, most recently organized a clothing drive among the Oak Hill Country Club membership. This is the second clothing drive and in conjunction with a recent donation from Peter Millar, LLC, this effort resulted in the donation of over 1,500 pounds of clothing to Mary's Place.   Mary’s Place is a non-profit refugee outreach center in Northwest Rochester, NY.  Their mission is to, "reach out in love, hope, and service to refugees of all faiths and nationalities, particularly those in the Maplewood/Edgerton neighborhood."   Thank you to the Oak Hill Country Club Staff, Membership, and Peter Millar, LCC for making such an impactful donation possible.  
PFCF Welcomes New Excess Clothing Partners, May 2017
Joining the already list of exceptional excess clothing partners of which includes; Peter Millar, Bobby Jones, and Adidas, PFCF is very pleased to announce the most recent additions of equally phenomenal excess clothing partners in PRG Americas, FootJoy, and GolfTEC.  Specifically, FootJoy has supported PFCF with its first excess apparel donation of 193 pounds and will continue to make regular donations of excess clothing and GolfTEC as part of the company's re-branding effort has donated 360 pounds of, now, outdated staff uniforms from the company's Corporate Headquarters with a future commitment to include additional staff uniforms from each retail location.  PRG Americas shows their support in sharing the expense of the official PFCF golf ball marker, part of the Foundation's giveaway and thank you to those who donate excess clothing.   Pictured (right) are the FootJoy and GolfTEC donations.   
PFCF Responds to Hurricane Harvey, October 2017 
Thanks to Kevin Hardy, Senior Assistant Golf Professional with the Country Club of Darien, PFCF is donating over 2,000 pounds of clothing to individuals directly impacted by Hurricane Harvey through the Houston Relief Hub.  Kevin recruited the support of his fellow and neighboring Golf Professionals, Michael Crawford of Woodway Country Club and Sam Wiley of Wee Burn Country Club.  Their collective effort represents one of the Foundation's largest single clothing collection efforts and the Foundation's first donation in response to a natural disaster.  Please join the Foundation in extending a sincere thank you to Kevin, Michael, Saw, and their respective staffs and memberships for their strong commitment to serving others! Pictured (from left to right) are Cory Muller, Kevin Hardy, and Chris Fischer of the Country Club of Darien.  

PFCF 2nd Annual Golden Hanger Challenge, September 2018
Offered to all Professional Golf Management Programs across the country, Ferris State University and University of Maryland Eastern Shore Professional Golf Management programs participated in the Foundation's 2nd Annual Golden Hanger Challenge.  This contest challenged each student society with the task of organizing a single event clothing drive.  The student society who collected the most clothing (on a per student basis) would be deemed the Contest Winners and receive, thanks to Peter Millar, a VIP all expenses paid tour of the Peter Millar Headquarters for the student co-chairs, an on campus educational program provided by the leadership of PFCF and Peter Millar, a prize for each student, and the Golden Hanger Trophy. In total, 1,395 pounds of clothing were collected and donated to individuals in need.  Thanks to the superior leadership of Tyler McElroy and the overall commitment of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore student society, the UMES PGM program successfully defended their title!  The 3rd Annual Golden Hanger Challenge is underway.  Congratulations to the two time Champion, UMES PGM Program!!